These needs are for a summer camp that Friends of Refugees is holding.  So many ways to serve here!

  • Sponsor a child for $105.  The total cost of camp is $580 per child for eight weeks of camp… we do a lot with a little.  We will receive $475 per child from state and county support, ongoing donations, summer camp fees and volunteers, leaving a balance of $105 per child.  Give as you are able.  Every little bit helps!  Please note: if you already give regularly, we still need those donations too!  email Sherry( to help us out. 
  • Donate books:  This summer we will be reading:  The Tale of DespereauxWe Beat the Street (by Davis, Jenkins, Hunt & Draper); Holes; and A Series of Unfortunate Events.  We also need children’s level readers (books marked with the reading level) for the younger kids.  If you have any of these lying around, please pass them along.  You could also order them on and send them to us. 
  • Donate Shorts!  It’s going to be hot.  Please donate shorts that will fit kids from small 6 year olds to big 14 year olds. 
  • Donate Shoes.  Often kids come to camp with insufficient footwear.  Any gently used shoes would be greatly appreciated! 
  • Donate Supplies:  Here are some supplies we use on a regular basis:  Brain-Quest, band aids, 55 gallon trash bags, hand soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, nail polish, lanyards, beads, uno cards, checkers, hoola-hoops.
Please email Sherry ( to drop off books, shoes, shorts or camp supplies.  Thank you!
  • Mow around the camp area weekly.  Please help provide a clean, safe playing area for the kids.  (Bees like to hang out in the weeds that pop up; we tend to many bee stings each summer).  Please email Scott ( to help out.  
  • We also have a project that would keep a hearty, energetic youth group engaged for a few hours.  Please get in touch.        
  • Help stuff and stamp envelopes.  We are going to send out a letter next week, if you could help stuff and stamp envelopes (no licking required), please email Sherry( to help us out. 
  • Pray!  Please pray as interns, staff and volunteers prepare for a great summer camp!

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